DivX Plus Software

DivX Plus Software Version 8 Free

Convert your videos into DivX and MKV formats and watch videos in your web browser using this software

DivX is one of the most popular video formats available in the web today and there are millions of loyal and faithful users of this video format. The DivX Plus Software comes as a blessing to all such users who are concerned about the quality of the DivX videos that they are trying to play in their PC. This program includes four different aspects to it which can help turn your PC into an entertainment hub for DivX videos. The first aspect is the DivX plus player which can play almost any DivX video that you throw at it and along with that it can play other formats of video such as AVI, MP4, MKV and MOV which is more than enough for the average PC user. The second aspect is the DivX plus web player which is capable of playing all the DivX based videos that you come across in the web. The web player also extends its support AVI and MKV formats as well. So there is no need for you to look for any other web player beyond this. The third aspect is the DivX plus codec pack which allows users to play DivX videos in other types of media players. Finally, the DivX convertor allows users to convert their non-DivX videos into DivX format so that they can enjoy them in their PC. The conversion involves a single step and it is way too simple.
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